Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rarity Requirements for Sylph Evolution Lowered

(Posted by Demonwolf810 - DolyGames Contributor)

Hi-ya everybody, in the past 3 updates to Chinese Wartune many strange and wonderful things have occurred. One notable thing that has occurred is sylphs no longer have to be purple to evolve!

This is good news for non spenders and level creepers (slow levelers). The main (and only) good (ish) news for the heavy spenders is if you already have a evolved sylph, you will get rewards per evolved sylph (They change depending on sylph type.) For my Hercules sylph i got 100 sepulcrum and 100 mahra. For my Hera sylph i got 50 advanced mahra, 50 advanced sepulcrum and 500k gold. Not a great reward but it is better than nothing.

Advantages of Early Evolution

  • Easier to evolve your sylph and you can evolve at lower levels now.
  • Costs less as you do not have to buy mahra to make it stronger.
  • You can get advanced sylph moves.


  • Many players have evolved sylphs and if they quit it becomes harder for weaker sylphs to get high up in the rankings.
  • Many evolved sylphs end up being weak as you evolve at blue quality they are not as strong as purple.

What I suggest to do

Wait until your sylph is a minimum of 3 star Blue or 20k Battle Rating before you evolve otherwise it will take more work to fix it. If you are impatient then try to get your sylph level as high as you can and put all your points for stats into either Intellect or Strength (depending on which type your sylph uses)

Why to evolve your sylph from blue?

Many of you might be thinking why bother to evolve a blue sylph? Actually the color or the rarity only regulates the strength of the sylph, but what is much more important are the advanced sylph skills that you are able to use - that's far more important than the color / rarity. So having a low level evolved sylph with awesome skills is much better than a higher grade un-evolved one.


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