Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lych's Lair Trick for Getting 6 Bosses Always

(Posted by DZmage of the DolyGames Team)

Hi guys, with the last update, we can now see how many bosses are left in each MPD!
With this new feature, we can check how many bosses currently are in Lych Lair.
Lych's Lair basically has 3 bosses and if you are lucky enough, you can get up to 3 extra bosses which each one gives you 1 Dragon Essence!

Steps how to catch 6 Mini-Bosses in Lych's Lair

As everyone knows, each MPD allows 4 players to join at the same time and each player has 10 free Bullhorns which makes it a total of 40 free bullhorns per day!

The idea is as following:
  1. Find 3 other players.
  2. Each player make a Lych's Lair room and must UNCHECK THE REWARD BUTTON!! 
  3. Go inside and check if the first Boss is there.
    • If the first Boss is there,  then open the party window, send a fast invite and check how many bosses remaining (if it says 4, it means there is 1 mini boss. If it says 5, it means there are 2 mini bosses etc).
    • If the first boss is not there, just exit the dungeon and try again. Because when we see the first boss, we are sure to not wast our fast invite on a 0 mini Boss Lych's Lair.
Here is a picture that shows you how many bosses are there in the Dungeon.

Lych's Lair MPD trick

As we can see on the picture above, when the Fast Invite says: (Rem. BOSS: 3), it means that there is no mini boss because the 3 bosses are the usual ones.

Optimize the use of your Bullhorns! 

Once you have a full team, my suggestion is that each player start doing the trick and the first to find a higher number of bosses, stops looking and wait until an other one finds a higher number of bosses. We keep doing this until someone finds a 6 bosses one, and then everyone join it with the Rewards Button checked.

Once the 3 others join the MPD, the one who found the 6 bosses also needs to quit and join back with the Rewards Button checked so he can get the rewards from all 6 bosses.

I hope this will help all the level 70 players to earn more Dragon Essences each day especially for those who are already level 80 and need to max their Dragon Soul so they can Class Advance :)


There is a better way to check how many bosses are there in any MPD that has mini bosses like Lych's Lair and Void!

Instead of wasting our daily free Bullhorns, we can just do the following steps:

  1. Creat a Lych's Lair room (or any other other MPD that contains mini bosses)
  3. Ask a friend to help us check how many bosses are there in the MPD.
  4. Start the MPD alone and invite him.
  • If the invite we sent to our friend says (Rem. BOSS: 6), then he/she has to join and re-invite the whole team with Reward Button checked. Please check the picture below as an example.
  • If the invite does not say (Rem. BOSS: 6), then we restart from step1. 

Big thanks to Siarra and BadSector for explaining me the trick. Also big thanks to Limbeck for helping me make the screenshot.

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