Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cloud Adventures Strategy!

(Posted by DZmage of the DolyGames Team)

Hi everyone! Since we had our second Cloud Adventures weekend and since I had Bound Balens to use, I decided to test it out! Before I start explaining what we have to do and why, I want to say a big thanks to Limbeck for letting me know that we can buy Magic Dices which I didn't know when we first had this new event.

This said, lets get started!


  • Must be level 55+ with an equipped sylph.
  • Save 900 or 1800 Bound Balens (will discuss why later).
  • Have a great luck for more benefits :p

What do we need to know?

This event is based on rolling a six faced dice and depending on which number we get, our character will move with same number of squares and will engage a fight, activate a trap or other kind of events depending on where we land. We also need to know that the most important drops are hidden in the end of the map.

When we reach the "Finish" square, we get 1 free spin and the remaining dices will be converted into spin attempts!  like shown in the screen shot below :


We have 2 kinds of dices: Common Dice and Magic Dice. A Common Dice allows us to roll the dice and get a random dice face which can go from 1 to 6. The Magic Dice is a bit different, instead of rolling it and get a random face, we can choose which face we want as shown in the screen shot below.


We can hold 1 Magic Dice at same time and we can buy a maximum of 5 Magic Dices per day at the cost of 180 Balens and/or Bound  Balens per dice (a total of 900 Balens and/or Bound Balens per day). So if we want to buy more, we need to use the one we own!

Note : The full event has 60 squares in total.


First of all, we need to collect preferably 1800 Bound Balens during the week. Bound Balens can be collected from different sources like: Spire, Dimension, Daily Checking (300 Bound Balens per month), Grand Lottery, etc.

This strategy requires at least 900 Bound Balens for best cost to income ratio . If we can not collect enough Bound Balens during the week, then I suggest to save for next Cloud Adventures event.

Once we have the required amount of Bound Balens, we can use them for buying Magic Dice which will allow us to complete the Cloud Adventures map using the minimum of dices to reach the arrival.

When we use the Magic Dice, we always will prioritize the number 6 no matter if we miss the bosses or not. Here are 3 simple reasons why I prioritize the number 6 more than others :
  1. The main point of buying the Magic Dices is to rush completing the event using the minimum dices we can. That way we can maximize the benefits from the event.
  2. The rewards we get during the event are ridiculously small compared to the final rewards.
  3. In addition to the small rewards we get during the event, it's also a time consuming such as the bosses who are not easy to kill and the waves of enemies that needs more time to clear even if we have AOE Skills.
Choosing only number 6 from all the Magic Dices is not enough. As I said previously, the event has 60 squares which means if we want to complete it using the minimum dices, we need exactly 10 x 6 rolls which is very hard to get, if not impossible.

However, the event give us 1 free Magic Dice and we can buy up to 5 extra Magic Dices which makes it 6/10 (which is already very good to start with). For the rest of rolls, we have no other choice than using the Common Dices and pray for the maximum of number 6 rolls!

Unless if we have a very bad luck, we should complete the event with 8~10 extra dices + the free spin attempt we get :)


First of all, lets check the drops I got during this second Cloud Adventures :)

Day 1


Day 2


So after applying my strategy, I'm totally satisfied with the result. Investing 1800 Bound Balens allowed me to get the following rewards  (summary) :

  • 90 Bound Balens ( 1260 + 630 - 1800 = 90 ).
  • 85x Mahra.
  • 30x Sepulcrum.
  • 15.9 million gold!
  • 3x Magic Hammer.
  • 120x Golden Holy Water.
  • 36x Crystal Shard.
  • 9x Soul Seal.
  • 6x Glint of Magic.
  • 6x Magical Moonlight.

I was really lucky during this event! As we can see, I recovered all the Bound Balens I invested during this event with a tiny benefit of 90 Bound Balens. But the most important are all the other drops I got for free.

In my opinion, Cloud Adventures is on of the best events to spend our Bound Balens since it gives a pretty good drops. So I recommend for all those who don't know what to do with their Bound Balens to invest them in this weekly event because even if we are not lucky as I was this time, this event remains the best event to spend our Bound Balens. Plus we get some Bound Balens back which makes the investment cheaper and more interesting!

Advantages vs Inconveniences 

The advantages are :
  • It's totally free.
  • It improves the rewards.
  • It allows us to complete the event with extra spin attempts.
  • It gives us more chances to get free Magic Hammers.

The inconveniences are :
  • It requires some luck for epic rewards.
  • It consumes Bound Balens.
  • It prevents us from using the Bound Balens for something else if we decide to follow the strategy.
  • It forces us to complete all the dailies that gives Bound Balens so we can collect the required amount of Bound Balens.


With all the Bound Balens we are getting now, we did not have a decent event where we can spend our Bound Balens except maybe Dimensions, where most of old players do not need to buy more steps anymore due to the recent updates that helped us to make higher Resistance Crystals.

Even if 1800 Bound Balens sounds crazy, the incomes are still great compared to any other event that accepts Bound Balens.

Eventually, this strategy is for those who don't have where to spend their Bound Balens like all the old players who already have all the Transposers from level 5 to level 9, who already unlocked Double Skills, etc.

I hope this strategy will help everyone to get more rewards from Cloud Adventures and here is one of my spins to make this strategy a bit more interesting ;)


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