Thursday, January 1, 2015

2nd January 2015 - After Reset Events

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor)

Hey guys, after reset we will have the special tailor event and clothing identification event. Feel free to click on the images for a larger resolution.

Clothing Identification:

This is really a good identification event since it gives a fashion core per 5 identification but this will consume more gold than the usual you spend on identification.

Special Tailor: Wings

Inside the Oceanic Chest:

Special Tailor: Hat Clothing

Special Tailor: Armor Clothing (Defense)

Special Tailor: Weapon Cloak

This event kinda sucks for the new players, players with lower level clothing that wanted clothing chests or the Hades wings and me of course. If you are one of those, then I would skip this tailor event and wait for the next one. 

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