Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mount Hoof Event Rewards

Hey guys, I hope you all had a good Mount Hoof event! Here I share with you my success after a long time of saving mount hoofs and being very patient until a good event comes. I think i skipped few hoof events even while gathering. And so as a result I was able to refine my Mount / Stables 3974 times which got me 397 event boxes + a large load of 3970 shards for the basic dimension + a part of the hoofs back to do some more training:

Mount Hoof Event Rewards

Unfortunately all mounts are maxed now

I got all my mounts to maximum stars and am missing just 1 star on 1 mount. So from where on I will be totally stuck because getting more mounts the free way is extremely difficult. So even though i am happy for this successful patience and rewards I am aware that i will be completely unable to participate in most future events.

Crafting ~40 Basic Coordinate Chests

I think the most interesting thing for me were the basic dimension shards to craft ~40 Basic Coordinate Chests which will allow me to be more efficient with running dimensions:

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