Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gem Synth. Jan ‘15

Hey guys, with the new Gem Event up and running, those who have saved up, will now be able to get nice crystals for level 7 and 8 gems and, what I think is even more important, especially for free players or light cashers, the sylph equipment upgrade items for level 9 and level 10 gems.

I synthesized 1 of each after reset and with 1 more today I will have enough to upgrade one of my sylph equipments (but I will wait until the upgrade/enchant event), which is pretty cool because I was not getting much income of those items at all and with this gem event it will be possible to do at least 2 item upgrades, which is basically all you need as there is only 1 attack and 1 defense item.

Remember to be careful and do only 1 time per day as it is not unlimited! So from me a thumbs up for this event :)

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