Sunday, January 4, 2015

Imperial Mythic Dragon Earl Medallion Guide

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor)

Hey guys, so we just got a new honor cap and title but no medallion which surprised a lot of players. We might get the part two of 3.45 in two weeks to a month. When we get the part two of 3.45, we will/might get the medallion and this is not an ordinary medallion as all our currently available medallions.

  • 450,000 Honor
  • Loads of Insignia
  • Time for Battle Grounds, Sacred Fire Temple, Guild Battle to earn Honor
  • The Medallion
The reason I said Time for Battle Grounds, Sacred Fire Temple, Guild Battle is because you literately consume your honor in this medallion. Let's starts with the Insignia first and why you need loads. As you know that medallions don't stack but this medallion does so you can spend all of your Insignia on this medallion and not worry about buying the medallion again until you run out of time. The minimum time for the medallion is 7 days and maximum is 365 days. Each medallion costs 4,800 on Chinese Server and there might be a possibility that English Wartune will raise the price.

When you buy the medallion you can level it up by consuming honor. Your 450,000 honor will stay just like it is. You can access the medallion panel by clicking the medallion. There is no honor cap after 450,000 honor so guess it will be a tough fight who will have "Most Honorable" title in your server.

The Honor EXP Bar and Honor EXP Chart:

Here is the estimation of how much honor is needed per the medallion level (max level is 10).

The second chart would most likely to be the right one since the daily limit of burning honor in your medallion is 50,000 and there is only one person cross - server that has a level 10 medallion. When we get this medallion do NOT consume honor in the medallion. Wait for a month or so if you are not in a rush. Maybe we might have a honor consuming event. So like consumer 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 honor and so on.

The stats per level:

If the chart is too small, feel free to click for a larger resolution.
When you medallion expires, your stats/level don't go away and stay the same when you repurchase the medallion.

The Medallion Panel:  

Picture credit: 7Road
Hope you guys enjoyed this small guide on the medallion and feel free to ask questions.

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