Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Level 64 BR 224k shares How to Hold Level Successfully

Hey guys, we have here a nice article from Pinky (class: Archer) sharing with everyone his strategy of successfully holding level and being super strong with 224k BR at level 64. So I hope you benefit from his knowledge and enjoy the guide and thanks to Pinky for sharing with everyone.

Just 1 note from me, a couple of points you need to be careful about and use most recent updated sources such as the point about Refinement locks and most recent events. With that said, let's jump straight into Pinky's guide:

How to hold level successfully

Hi guys, since I am being asked on battlegrounds very often, why I do have so much BR for my level, I decided to make a guide on how to follow the holding level strategy successfully without having to cash a lot into the game.

1. Avoid getting experience!

The most important thing about holding level is, that you may not level up, so you have to avoid getting exp. Some tips how you can do this: -Exit your multiplayer dungeons after you did the second last boss. You will get your cristalloids and legendary stones for your gear, but you don’t get the exp for finishing the dungeon. -In case you complete a quest, don’t hand it in, just let it be.

2. Soul engraving, gems and mount whips

As you can see in the picture, I have maxed out my soul engraving (I also have the highest level gems possible for me, as well as maxed out my stables). In order to get to this, the only thing you have to do is participating in events. These events will make it very easy for you to max out all of these three things as well. The biggest part of my battle rating is built on this, so don’t neglect it.

3. Equipment

Your equipment is very important as well. The only thing that you can do is walking through your multiplayer dungeons every day in order to get the crystalloids and legendary stones for your equipment. As you can see, I have all of my equipment pieces on legendary, what is of course the best. In case you don’t know whether to equip your lvl 50 legendary ring or your lvl 60 normal ring, just go for the lvl 50 legendary, it will give you more BR than the lvl 60 ring. A major part of your equipment is not only the equipment itself, but also its refinements. I would recommend you to go through your campaign and MP dungeon every day and recycle the equipment you get from it. The refinement locks are easily accessible through jewel hunt.

4. Astrals

On the right, you see the astral setup I would recommend for archers. For knights and mages I would recommend the will destroyer build since most peoples crit on the lower levels is not that high ( as a mage, take the MATK astrals). But however, an archer with 5000 crit has a higher chance to crit than a mage with 5000 crit.

5. Sylph

I recommend everybody who is holding level to go for a gaia (or hercules). The reason for this is, that it is the strongest sylph in single pvp (take a hades or aegis for multiplayer pvp). A lot of people also have a hades as their main slyph, but keep in mind that you can evolve your gaia at lvl 60 and you hades at lvl 70. So, for somebody under lvl 70 a gaia/hercules is definitely the way to go.

It is also very recommendable to only build one really good sylph (otherwise you would have to cash a lot) because multiple medium sylphs are a lot worse than one good one. I also keep one sylph of every element for dimensional war. In the beginning, I mentioned that I did not cash a lot into my account, so you may wonder why I have three blue sylphs and one two star purple sylph. If you really want to get the blue sylphs for free, then just farm sylphs in the sylph atoll. When you then exchange your essences for seals you have a small chance of receiving a blue sylph, this saves you a lot of mahra! For my hercules, my main sources of mahra were dimensional war, wilds shop and the horns from sky trail (4 a day). I got it completely for free.

6. Mounts

In the game, you get a lot of mounts for free ( for amethysts, guild mount, arena mount, crypt mount etc.). Just try to get all the mounts you can buy from these shops and sometimes you can even hope for an event mount ;)

7. Daily events

The only thing about daily events (jewel hunt, dimensional war etc.) that I can say is, that you should just try to do all of them and try to maximize your rewards.

So this is how you hold your level successfully… I hope I helped you guys a lot. If there is something that is not clear, you can either look at the pictures more close or just do the things like everybody does it (like getting mounts, sylph equipment etc.). But if there are still any questions left, just ask me when you meet me on the battleground or on R2Games server 313.

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