Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Strategy: Reducing Effects of Incendiary Shot

Hey guys, here is a little strategy discussion post giving you the explanation and the means to reduce the negative effects of Incendiary Shot (archer 30% damage reduction skill) on your party simply by adapting your party formation. So let's jump straight to it, thanks to Elia tan for this feedback.

So here you have a standard formation in Wartune during a cross server Group Arena event:

The reason why a lot of people set this formation is because (a) it is visually pleasing and (b) because the life of every party member is clearly visible, which is especially important for mages.

Now when we talk about Incendiary Shot, it only affects players within one square of the player hit with the attack. It is not an all-player AOE. And therefore this formation is not really good because if the shot hits the top player then it will affect the front one and same for the bottom, but if it hits the front one then everyone is affected. I show this on the picture below:

So with the yellow arrows you see 2 people will be affected. same with the blue arrows. But with the white arrows all 3 will be affected.

So the way to fix this is to change the formation where the front guy stands not in the center but on top or bottom:

So you see in this formation you can limit the damaging effects of the Incendiary Shot even to 1 person which was not possible in the previous formation or at least maximum to 2 people. But never 3.

EDIT: Update: We did some testing (thanks gesh) and it seems in reality the IS might be working like an AOE. We don't know if it is intended to be like this or this is a bug. If someone has better info please share in the comments.

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