Monday, January 20, 2014

Share Your Pets' Names!

(Posted by Eliatan)

Hey you guys, promise I’ll try to keep releasing semi-constructive content, but I wanted to do a post on pet names just for fun ^^

As most of you know, and I have a little example below, once you get a sylph, you can name and rename it for free. I love all the various themes people come up with. Mine are all named after beers:

I named the pets of an archer I play after the Carter family:

Another personal favorite, which I won’t post here, is a friend that names all his sylphs different euphemisms for a certain part of the female anatomy ...

And then of course there are the ones named after yours truly :P Wartune has fulfilled all my dreams of being likened to a fun size candy.

So what do you guys name your pets? I’ve seen so many different themes. A lot of people name them after their friends, TV and movie characters, colorful ways of telling people to go f*** themselves ... lots of options! Please share and gimme a good laugh!

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