Saturday, January 25, 2014

Problems with Destroyed Accounts

Hey guys, I got the below letter from Zefelina and before you read it some advice from me also to protect yourself for the future (also note I am not gonna post everyone's letters, the reason I post this is also to teach people consequences of such actions):

Don't share your account passwords. It might be your best friend or whatever, but you could always have a fight and lose your account. Moreover, sharing this way is not allowed by the game rules.

The letter:

"Hey Cosmos,

I would like to ask you for a favor if possible, since a lot of people read your blog ^^ you see, today I had my account completely destroyed by someone I trusted my Facebook pass with. He PMed me telling me to quit the game (we were not talking for a few days but I have played with him for over a year and it happened sometimes that we had disagreements). I of course said no, went to Facebook and changed my pass sensing something bad might happen. 20 minutes later I lost my network connection, tried to log back in, however, he was logging back in whenever I tried to do so. I logged my alt and told guildies what was happening, I also changed my Facebook pass several times as I play through there, even blocked the account, and he still could log in. Now all my equips are sold, so is all inventory, he made me leave guild, no sylphs, astro, anything. Even friends deleted.

I am telling you this because I hope you could post this letter in your blog, and I especially hope for the support of other players. I am asking to restore my account as it was, especially because that person could log in because of bad security. Remember: I did change my pass before he destroyed everything, so I could do absolutely nothing when he stayed on with my old pass for hours.

I posted a message ob Wartune Community in Facebook, hoping they take notice and sent numerous tickets.

Thank you a lot,

Zefelina, s77 (lvl 73)"

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