Sunday, January 5, 2014

COSMOS Knight becomes Level 79

Hey guys, another big achievement for COSMOS Knight becoming level 79, so only 1 more level to go and I am at maximum and then the focus will go 100% on raising talents with full force of level 80 experience. So below you see the overview of the character and some comments / tips / explanations from me.

So first - my stats. Here to point out that academy buff is at 195% and this is my "normal" Will Destroyer mode. Crit build is 95k/96k around. Also to point out that I raised my MDEF considerably from below 11k to now 16.5k due to the sylphs magic attacks. Otherwise before I was enjoying a very high PDEF for class wars, but since sylphs came the rules changed a bit. Clothing is level 3 all. Fate is level 5. And note here I am with the Warlord's medallion so with a "normal" one the BR would be higher.

Next up we got the bags, i.e. all the items I have or as some people say all the items that I am hoarding. Some of the chests you will notice and might want to comment on - i just don't have the time to open them because I record the data as you know.

My sylph is a 3 star Iris. I did buy her rain dance for group healing with my locked balens, but I am not investing in her any more as I am waiting for new sylphs to come out before I use my saved up mahras and sepulcrums.

For the astrals below my WD build is my standard one with WD and illusion. I switch them with the top right Sniper/Determination combo for WB fights. All the others are flexibility astrals which I use if and when I need. Like guardian angel is very good in lych nm if you are tanking to avoid taking critical attacks by bosses. WD and Sniper there allow me to move around builds if I feel like it. Deflection is nice for class wars.

Runes I only have the first 3:

Talents are same as before that I posted. I haven't touched them at all since I am racing to level 80.

The good thing about skills is that at a high level you can have both EDD and Tenacity almost maxed:

and of course a small tribute to my lovely mount:

and lastly a full video profile overview of COSMOS Knight just before turning level 79:

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