Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Alternate method of getting free Unbound Balens

What is this method?

(Posted by iamop)

As many of you know, COSMOS recently made another post on how to get unbound balens. (Or was it a long time ago) However, if you don't like to do surveys, watch videos, etc., I have another method for you to use!


It's called Bing Rewards, and you get points for one of the most common tasks you do online: searching! That's right! As you search, you earn points. You get 1 point for every 2 searches you do.

OK, so what's the fine print?

Well, it might take a while. To prevent spam searching by bots, Bing only allows you to earn 15 points a day from searching. Also, if said points are used for Wartune, it only works on Aeria Games and Game321. Hope Kabam gets accepted soon.

A list of games that Rixty accepts:

(If I do the Copy+Paste, it's gonna be a textwall of doom)

How many points will I need to get Balens?

You will need 525 points to get $5 worth of Balens. However, Bing also has member tiers. There's Member, Silver, and Gold. If you are in Gold tier, you get a 50 point discount on the card, So it only costs me 475 points!

KK, so how do I get started?

Here's my referral link, not sure if COSMOS wants one.

COSMOS (In case he wants it too):

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