Monday, April 6, 2015

Kids/Guardian System Guide Overview

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor)

Hey guys, the "Kids/Guardian Guide" and the info in it was going to be altogether but since it was a really, really long guide, I decided to divide the post in different sub post and this post will have the links to the sub posts and the description for each sub post. I personally recommend to read these posts in the order I put the links below. Please Click The Title to go to the post. Enjoy.

Kids Introduction - Requirements - How to get/raise the Kid:

This post will explain what are kids/guardians and images of all of the kids! It will also give info on how to get a Baby which will eventually be a kid/guardian, what requirements are needed to get a kid and how to raise the baby to a kid.

Upgrading your Kid-Guardian/War Emblem (Kids/Guardian RES):

You know how you upgrade your Sylph from White to Orange? Well guess can do the same thing with your Kids/Guardians but with a different item which is x5 times easier to get than Mahra! Not only it is easy to get the item to upgrade your kids/guardians but that stats and battle rating are simply awestruck. Players have RES and now, kids/guardians do too! Find out what you need to build up your kid's RES and how to unlock the system.

Kids/Guardians Equipment Enchanting/Refining/Upgrading:

In this post, you will learn what kind of material you need to upgrade your kids/guardians equipment, to enchant your kid's equipment, to refine your kids/guardians equipment and where to find the material for equipment White to Purple.

Kids/Guardian Gems with Stats and Images:

In here, there are images of all of the Kids/Guardian Gems Level 1-12 and Stats per Level, per Gems.

Kids/Guardian TOK and Formation:

Find more about Kids/Guardian TOk and the splendid rewards it gives.

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