Sunday, January 26, 2014

Battle Ground Chest Drop Rates v4

Hey guy, here I have compiled the 4th and I think for now the final version of the Battle Ground Chest Drop Rates which is now very accurate with 936 chests of data! If there will be a patch which will change the BG chests then I will again collect data on this, but for now this is an awesome accuracy and thanks to everyone who supported with the data as shown on the picture.

For the newer people you can get the Battle Ground Chest in Wartune by collecting the shards in the Battle Ground and once you get 60 of them you can synthesize this chest. It is a good idea to collect these even if it takes a long time because the rewards are nice as you can see on the report.

Looking at the data you can see it is not surprising at all why so many people complain about getting always level 2 and level 3 gems. Here we see these have ~33% drop rate each which means that ~66% of the time (1 in 3 chests) you will be getting one of the gems.

All the other rewards are nicely distributed. The popular socketing rod has a rate of 4.4%, which is not bad at all.

Also all the high level luck stones, if you add up the percentages, come to a 13.6% chance of getting one of them which is very nice, especially for the low to medium level players.

So there it is, thanks again for the support and check out the report below:

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