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Simple Ways to Get Extra Boxes During Gift Events

(Posted by Cosmos on behalf of Elitan)

Hey you guys, Eliatan here. My main toon is a mage on Kabam 18, and after some friendly encouragement from Cosmos, I’m getting my Wartune blogging feet wet with a post about some simple ways to get extra boxes during gift events like the following:

(from the R2games Wartune forums)
New Year's Gift - Broken Box
Duration: 1/10 - 1/12 & 1/17 - 1/19 (Server Time)
Description: There must be some mysterious gifts hidden in this Broken Box. You can find them in Multiplayer Dungeons, Solo Campaigns, and Catacombs! Open it to obtain one of the following:

  • Lost Gift x1
  • 10,000 Gold
  • 10,000 Daru
  • 2,000 Kyanite
  • Insignia x5
  • Mahra x1

These types of events are nice -- with a little planning, you can get 30+ extra boxes each period, and who doesn't love more stuff? :)

Just to be clear, when I say “extra boxes,” I mean ones that you wouldn't get if you only did the usual one daily Catacombs, 100-160 stamina, and one multiplayer dungeon.

The next time this event begins is on 1/17, so I’m going to explain everything relative to that start date, but it’s always good to keep up with the forum announcements to know when this type of thing is coming.

Since this event is based on drops from dungeon mobs, the most low maintenance thing you can do is to enter the Forgotten Catacombs the day before (1/16 in this case), and then leave before attacking anything. Equivalently, you can start the blitz and then cancel it. Once you do this, your Catacombs page should like this:

You will not lose the next day’s attempt by doing this. Once the event starts, you can use the 1/16 attempt, and the screen will say “Today’s Attempts: 1/1”.

Here are some of the results Cosmos and I got from Catacombs during this event:

As you can see, even without a crypt key, you can get 18 extra boxes by pushing your Catacombs attempt to the next day, and with a crypt key, an extra 22-36.  I think the crypt key attempt with only 22 is just rotten luck on Cosmos’s part, because I haven’t seen anything lower than 30 boxes myself.

Anything about Catacombs also applies to Tormented Necropolis, if you’re willing to use that many crypt keys. I blitzed levels 1 to 18 once during the event just to show you guys, but for most people the 3 crypt keys a day (plus one for Catacombs = 4!) isn't an option.

Got 4 of the boxes from this, but more exciting are the two level 4 gems ^^ (very rare)!

Another low effort “blitz push” to the event start day, is to save 100 stamina on 1/16, so that after reset on 1/17, you have 200 stamina + 60 from altar.  Here are some 100 stamina blitz results during the event: 

The return is much lower from solo campaigns than from Catacombs, and it probably differs a little depending on which campaign you use. But you’re still getting 1-2 boxes per 20 stamina. Who knows, they could all have mahra in them :P

For the more dedicated souls out there, you can also take advantage of the 5 hour window between when events begin (00:00) and server reset occurs (5:00). You can save 100 stamina on 1/15, then after server reset on 1/16 you’ll have a total of 200. Once the event starts at 00:00 1/17, you can blitz 200, and then get your 60 from altar for that day. 

Likewise for Catacombs, you can enter and leave it on 1/15, then blitz once after 00:00 1/17 and either blitz again or enter/leave for your 1/16 attempt. 

The tough part about this is staying on top of your blitzing times. You only have a few hours to do what you want, because all of this needs to be done before the reset at 5:00.  You can also wait to use your 1/16 MPD attempt during this period, but getting a group at these hours a bit of a pain, and it only drops a couple boxes anyway.

I particularly like doing the saving stamina technique when a 100% EXP bonus event is coming up (doesn't apply to Catacombs or Necropolis), but the hours are a bit difficult for me (EST player on WST server). If the hours work out conveniently for you, I highly recommend it.

Below is a little agenda I made for the main things I've discussed. Low effort refers to things that can be done without having to worry about being on to play between 00:00 and 5:00 1/17. 

This turned out way longer than I thought it would! Hope this helps everyone out, and please share anything you do to take advantage of events in the comments :)

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