Friday, January 3, 2014

COSMOS Mage Day 15 to Day 19

Hey guys and especially mages! Cosmos Mage is growing strong and here is the development Day 15 to Day 19 and a few words from me to support the pictures.

I was initially going for the legend 40 set but changed my mind and started gathering for the 50 set. this is because I got sufficiently strong to be able to get ~500 to ~1000 honor per Battle Ground so technically I don't need urgently the 40 set. Now I already gathered about 100 crystals for the 50 set so soon I will be getting I think the 50 hat.

In the meantime I also grabbed the arena 45 neck piece just for the time being. It did cost me some insignia but it helped me be stronger for the battle ground fights until I get the 50 item.

For catacombs I actually managed to beat the 90 boss as well as the 95 boss so only the 100 boss remains. He is a lot stronger so I need to wait a little bit before I can bring him down. Still this was an awesome accomplishment to do while having something like 25k BR.

In the Battle Ground, as I mentioned, I am doing alright. You might have seen the BG video I uploaded on LavashGames. If not I put it here below this post for you. Last 2 BGs I made ~900 honor which I think is great given how new Cosmos Mage is, my BR and condition of items. Of course I can't compete with the established monsters, but I do fine.

Here below are the screenshots from COSMOS Mage Day 15 to Day 19 from Wartune Kabam Server 4 Europe. I also highlighted for you as much as I could the main changes from day to day.

The plan still remains to hold the level but it is not easy at all. For example I did a small summoner run and due to the double experience event each summoner fight was giving me 200k experience which I could not avoid as I have to get the loids and legend stones. So I am now Level 53 and have to do my best to not become Level 55, but it is tough, experience just seems to fall down on me :)

When you look at this pictures from Kabam Wartune note that the BR fluctuates depending on the Academy Blessing Wheel that I have for the day. I wrote on each picture what is the Academy buff.

KABAM Day 15 - COSMOS Level 51 - BR 27429

KABAM Day 16 - COSMOS Level 51 - BR 27182

KABAM Day 17 - COSMOS Level 52 - BR 26122

KABAM Day 18 - COSMOS Level 52 - BR 31229

KABAM Day 19 - COSMOS Level 53 - BR 29836

And here is the video from my Battle Ground few days back if you didn't see it:

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