Saturday, January 11, 2014

Price of all level 9 clothing and wings!

(Posted by GandalfGrey)
When Cosmos mentioned calculating how many balens that 404k br Chinese player had spent, I realized that was pretty impossible, without having all of the same content the Chinese servers have, and also, the difference in cost from their shop to ours. However, I did realize that I could calculate the cost of max clothing and wings (level 9). So after looking at all the costs, including good luck charms, I came to this result!
*(Please not this does not include any free clothing/wings, and use of free fashion cores. This is if you bought absolutely everything)
So, here we go!
Each piece of level 9 clothing costs 1975 balens in good luck charms, and 101,120 balens for all the clothing needed to synthesize up to level 9! That comes to a grand total of $1030.95 (USD)... For one piece of clothing!
So, multiply that time 3, for 3 pieces of clothing, and you get $3092.85... Just for 3 pieces of max clothing, wow!

Now the wings, (they're even worse to think about haha!)
So first of all, for a 100% chance of success of synthesizing your wings up a level, you need good luck charms! The total calculated cost of all of these should come to 9875 balens, and yes, I am only counting these for level 3 and up...
Then the actual wings... The total cost of all the pairs needed for level 9 comes to a whopping 510,720 balens. This makes the total cost of level 9 wings, including good luck charms, $5205.95

That grand total, wings and clothing, comes to $8298.80.
How crazy is that!!!

Well, that's all for now guys, have fun playing, and maybe send some more calculations to cosmos so we can all be amazed at how much some heavy cashers spend!!!
Also, please correct me if I have made a mistake, I want this post to be accurate and am totally willing to change it if somebody has some information I'm missing :)

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