Friday, January 10, 2014

404k BR Madness Wartune Picture

Hey guys, as I am totally stunned by this crazy 404k BR picture from Wartune. I have both so much to say and also unable to say. I think this is pure madness. Certainly great many thousands have been spent on this account and perhaps there is a way to estimate but I think this BR might be worth more than a real house in real life.

Granted, if you might be so wealthy to allow yourself such luxuries I only kindly ask you that at least 10% of the amount you spend on balens you send to charity of your choice. I suggest one which gives school education to little children.

Lastly, if someone reading this is really good in maths I challenge you to try to calculate how much $$ different BIG things in Wartune cost (full clothing, top wings, 404k BR, etc). Email me and I will publish it for everyone to have fun and laugh about it.

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