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Kids/Guardians Introduction - Requirements - How to get/raise the Kid/Guardian

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Hey guys, pretty soon we will get the Kids/Guardians Patch on English Servers and the moment we get the Kids/Guardians Patch, everyone's battle rating will soar through the sky. So let's get started!

Kids/Guardians Preview:

Here is a animated preview of the kids/guardians and big thanks to DZmage for helping me with these GIF's.

Male Archer Kid:

Female Archer Kid:

Male Knight Kid:

Female Knight Kid:

Male Mage Kid:

Female Mage Kid:


  • 5 Million Gold
  • A House
  • Level 70+
Once you reach level 70 or if you are level 70 and above, you unlock the child system. All players that are level 70 and above can have children if you are married or single. Unmarried players have a limit of two children while married players can have a total of four.

Explanation and how to get a Kid (Baby):

Before you even think about getting a kid, you need to make sure you have a house and 5 Million Gold to buy the baby. When you are Level 70, you can buy a house for 10 Million Gold. Not much to be honest. The House gives no stats/battle rating but it is used for decorations or to collect small rewards. More info will be posted soon.

To get a baby (it will eventually become a kid) you need to go to the Kids/Guardians NPC called Divine Governess. Once you go to the NPC and consume 5 Million Gold to get a baby, you will have to wait 24 Hours to get the baby in the Kids Tab.

NPC Divine Governess

24 Hour Timer

The Baby:

After 24 Hours, the baby will show up in the Kids Tab. You can name the baby for free but the gender of the baby is random. If the baby is wearing a blue blanket, it is a boy and if the baby is wearing a pink blanket, it is a girl. You can change the gender of the baby which will be explained in the "Changing your Baby's Name/Gender" section. 

You can also change your kids name for free but the second time costs Balens.

Changing your Baby's Name/Gender:

The baby's gender is random but you can choose the gender if you want to by paying balens. In the Kids Shop you can buy "Golden Apple" with Balens (Bound Balens are not accepted) to determine the baby's gender. Once your kids grows up, you CANNOT change the gender.

Once you get the baby, you can name the  baby for free but if you want to re-name it, you will need to buy the Name Change Card which costs 588 Balens (Bound Balens not accepted).

Feeding the Baby:

As your baby grows, you can feed your baby which goes into one of the four stats, Strength, intelligence, defense and endurance. The material has a description with what stat it gives. Once the baby turns into a kid, the stats will take effect. Everyday you have 20 attempts to feed the baby. Here are images of the main materials and what stats you can get by feeding it to the baby:

Wooden Sword:

Use to raise the baby's strength stat by 5 points.


Use to raise the baby's intelligence stat by 5 points.


Use to raise the baby's endurance stat by 5 points

Wooden Horse:

Use to raise 5 points of defense for the baby.

What is a Baby's Wish and how to reset it?

The tricky part about feeding your baby is that you can only feed a material to the baby if it wishes to. So if the baby wishes to get fed with a material that gives Defense Points, you can only feed material that gives defense points at that time. You cannot feed any other material if the baby does not want it. If you can't feed your material to the baby, you can try your luck by resetting the baby's wish. Each reset costs 10 Balens and Bound Balens are accepted.

Does the same type of material stack up?

Yes it stacks up but the number of stat points has to be the same so you cannot stack a Defense Material that gives Stat Points with a another Defense Material that Gives 1 Stat Points.

Baby Stats Image:

If you check the baby's image above, you can see that the Stats Box is next to the baby.

Can you reset the Stats?

Yes, you can reset the stats with "Magic Mirror" which costs for 200 Balens and unbound Balens are not accepted. Once your baby turns into a kid, you cannot reset the previous stats.

Where to get the material to feed the baby?

The material to feed the baby can be found in the Shop and in other people's houses.

In the Shop:

Each material costs 20 Balens and unbound Balens are not accepted.

In Houses:

Just like how you can visit others farm, you can visit others houses! By visiting others houses, you can collect material for your kid. How to know which house has rewards? If a Light Bulb shows up next your friends name, this means that you can collect material from them and no, you are not stealing the players material.

Once you visit there house, you gotta find a furniture that sparkles. Go by the sparkling furniture and click on it to receive x1 Material.

Baby to a Kid/Choosing your Kids Class:

After  7 Days (8 counting the 24 hours of wait) your baby will finally grow to a kid. By Clicking the
Orange-Reddish Button, you can select what class you want to have.

Then this will show up:

Note: The forth kid is a sub-class kid also known as a Dark Kid. More info will be posted shortly.

Once you select a class (I choose a Knight) you will automatically get that Classes Equipment White.

Who has control over the kids if you are married?

As I explained above, you can have a max of 4 Kids. Both partners have access to the kids which you has its pros and cons. If a partner is using a kid, the other partner cannot use the same kid. This means that they cannot access the Kids Equipment, Skills, etc.

What happens to the kids when you divorce your partner?

When you divorce your partner, you and your partner have to decide the custody of each child. This might be some kind of vote.

Do Kids have EXP or Levels?

No they do not.

Do Kids Battle Rating Stack up to your Battle Rating?

Yes they do.

What is Growth Value?

Growth Value is a stat which is needed to upgrade Equipment. You will see how much is needed to upgrade Equipment in the, "Kids/Guardians Equipment Enchanting/Refining/Upgrading" article.

What is the bar underneath the kid?

The bar underneath the kid is the mood bar. Some players on my Chinese Servers say the percent determines how fast your kid is in battle and others say it's a experience bar which is really questionable. So let's just wait till the patch comes.

Can you feed your Kid/Guardian?

Yes, even after your baby turns into a kid, you can feed it with material. You can feed it 20 times per day and it resets at 5:00. 

Can you disband/sell a kid?

Yes you can sell the kid by going to the Kids NPC. You cannot sell a baby. You must remove your kids equipment before selling your kid.

Green= View Kid
Red= Sell Kid

Hope you guys enjoyed this guide and comment below your opinion or ask questions.

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