Monday, April 27, 2015

500 Balens Strategy for Feather-light Casher

Hey everyone, if you are spending any money on Wartune it is good to be able to spend it smartly so that you get the biggest return for your money. One of the best ways for very light cashers to get the biggest rewards is by recharging 500 balens when the mini-recharge treasure chests pop up on the top menu. These are not available always, but do pop up few times during the month usually and if you use even most of them then you will have more than enough balens for something like Spirit Covenant.

The 500 balens deals vary a lot

But you still need to be careful because a lot of times these 500 balen offers are awesome, but sometimes they are rubbish, so don’t use them blindly. Here is an example of a relatively nice one:

500 balen recharge pack Wartune

Once you complete the recharge this pack gets sent to you, which is an additional bonus reward next to your 500 balens.

500 balen recharge pack Wartune 2a

Item contents:

Eudaemon VesselBlood of Zeus Level 3 HP DiamondSack of Gold - 100,000 gold

The gold of course is not a big deal and I am pretty much blind to any gold offer, because for me gold has no value.

However, via these 500 balens’ bonus deals you can get high level gems (I remember on one of them they gave a level 7 gem which was a very good deal) or more difficult casher items (items that cashers get a lot faster than free players) like the Level 3 HP Diamond that you see here and, perhaps with some luck, also the Eudaemon Vessel, although probably it will drop gold 😛

So, if you are a very light casher, make sure to catch these 500 balens’ bonus deals and force yourself to have patience and wait until these show up before you recharge.

500 Balens Strategy for Feather-light Casher

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