Monday, April 27, 2015

Fresh Milk from Farm in Inventory Tip

Hey guys, recently, many players had to unlock the 5th page of inventory including me and it’s still not enough. Farm is one the reason my inventory gets filled up and to be specific, the “Fresh Milk” which can be gained from Horses, Goats, Cows and Deers is a big problem.

Fresh Milk Description

I get an average of 1,800 Milk every 6 Hours which is 7,200 Milk per day (x10 Cows + x10 Deers).  Note: the Fresh milk stacks up to 9,999. So would do I do?

I don’t play Wartune more than 2-3 Hours a day which means I don’t stay online to collect Fresh Milk so my generous friends visit my farm and collect my fresh milk and the collected milk goes to YOUR in-game mail with the Ox Horns/Antlers/Horse Hoofs/Goat Horns. Please note that once you have 50 Mails, older mails will be deleted to add the newer ones. 

Fresh Milk in Game Mail

Milk isn’t much important but the Ox Horn/Antlers/Horse Hoofs/Goat Horn are very important so another trick is:

  1. Fill up your inventory space.

  2. If you have Fresh Milk, put it in your Guild Vault.

  3. Put your Ox Horn/Antlers/Horse Hoofs/Goat Horn in your inventory.

  4. Collect items from your mail (Fresh Milk)

  5. The Ox Horn/Antlers/Horse Hoofs/Goat Horn will be collected and the milk will stay in the mail since you do not have enough space in your inventory. In this way, you get the important resources.

Hope you guys liked this nice tip and comment below if it helped you out!

Fresh Milk from Farm in Inventory Tip

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