Monday, April 27, 2015

Silly Prices Continue in Mystery Shop

Hey guys, yesterday I popped over to the Mystery Shop, which I do on a rare occasion to see “what’s up” – I figured maybe there would be something surprising there after Patch 4.0 was installed in our Wartune servers. And what do I see? The screenshot below – the stupidity in pricing of Mystery Shop items still continues after 3 years and nobody at the devs seems to care about it, which is really weird because it is their profit they are losing since there is no way in <beep> anyone is paying these amounts for level 4 gems and pots. I mean check it out:

Mystery Shop Stupidity with Level 4 gem 675 balens and potions for 60 and 150 balens

  • A Level 4 gem for 675 balens – an item so low at present that they don’t even bother to include it in events (our gem events start from level 6 minimum). Even if people were not already walking around in level 12 gems, you can make a level 4 gem via catacombs in 1-2 days – why would you pay half-a-shop-mount price for this? The answer: you don’t and this is so elementary and if the devs do not understand this it shows the level of their intelligence.

  • Next up: Level 5 Intelligence potion for 60 balens. At least here you could make the argument and say that we don’t have 999 of these in the bag, however, as we can get this for 100k gold, this is same as saying that you should pay 60 balens for 100k gold, which is definitely not going to happen. Perhaps the devs haven’t seen our videos where we sit on hundreds of millions of gold and don’t even care about it. But they kind of did because they raised the warehouse gold limit in the last patch 4.0 to 200 million gold, so they know that gold has no meaning for us, yet they want to sell a level 5 potion worth 100k gold for 60 balens. Suuuuure….

  • Level 6 Charisma Potion for 150 balens. This item says the following: “We hired a new guy to work in the office and we asked him to add the level 6 potion to the mystery shop. He or she then just looked at the existing prices and saw that a level 5 potion was 60 balens, so he figured a “super special” level 6 charisma should be more than double the price of a level 5 potion and 150 seems like a round number, so let’s just put the Level 6 Charisma Potion in the Mystery Shop for 150 balens. Now give me a promotion because I have done such a good job.” – I bet you 100 bucks this is exactly what happened!

Mystery Shop Wartune silly prices 20 apr 2015

Silly Prices Continue in Mystery Shop

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