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Upgrading your Kid/Guardian and War Emblem (Kids/Guardian RES)

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor)

Upgrading your Kid:

Just like Sylphs, you can upgrade your kid from White to Orange. This may seem totally a casher thing but it's really not since you can get the item required to upgrade, Zeus Blood, from League Shop! One Zeus Blood costs 40 League Insignia. If you get around 1,400 per week, you can get up to 35 Zeus Blood Per week which is a lot. Besides the League Shop, you can get Zeus Blood in many events that are generous to both, non cashers and cashers. If you are a mild casher or smart spender, don't buy Zeus Blood in big spenders once we get this patch because we all know by now that once a new patch comes out, Wartune likes to rush cashers into spending money.

Here is a estimation of Zeus Blood needed from Green to Orange. Each Zeus blood equals to 10 Points.
  • To upgrade to green: 15 Zeus Blood
  • To upgrade to blue: 150 Zeus Blood
  • To upgrade to purple: 1,500 Zeus Blood
  • To upgrade to orange: 15,000 Zeus Blood
  • Total Zeus Blood needed is 16,665
In Chinese Wartune, there are no stars for Kids or Sylphs but once we get Kids in English Servers, we might have Stars. Here is my estimation of how much stats and battle rating your kid(s) will get:

GV stands for Growth Value. Growth Value is needed to upgrade your Kids Equipment.

Note: Click on the Chart for a larger resolution.

Mage Kid Stats:

Archer Kid Stats:

Knight Kid Stats:

War Emblem (Kids RES)

War Emblem is basically the Kids version of RES Reduction/Resistance but better. To unlock War Emblem, you need "Child War Crystal" which can be found mainly in TOK (will be explained in the Kids TOK post). Before you active the War Emblem, it will not be colorful but gray. One Child War Crystal is consumed to unlock the War Emblem. Not hard right? 10,000 Battle Rating is automatically added to your Kids/Players Battle Rating once you unlock War Emblem.

Archer War Emblem:

Mage War Emblem:

Knight War Emblem:

Leveling up War Emblem:

Leveling up your War Emblem won't be hard if you do Kids TOK everyday (10-25 Mins). To level up War Emblem you need Child War Crystal. Per Child War Crystal Gives 10 EXP to the War Emblem Upgrade.

What does Upgrading War Emblem do?

By upgrading War Emblem, you can unlock the other 4 slots and gives intense stats which means more battle rating for the kid and fake battle rating for the player. RES Reduction and Element RES is automatically there once you activate War Emblem. 
  • Level 2 War Emblem unlocks the 3rd Slot
  • Level 3 War Emblem unlocks the 4th Slot
  • Level 4 War Emblem unlocks the 5th Slot
  • Level 5 War Emblem unlocks the 6th Slot

RES Reduction Slot:

RES Reduction is automatically unlocked once you activate War Emblem. There is only one RES reduction slot. The Kids RES Reduction sadly works against Kids only. 

RES Reduction Slot

How do you upgrade a RES Reduction Part?

The RES Reduction slot is divided into three parts which means you have to upgrade each part with "Child Resist - Reduction Essence." This material can be mainly found in Kids TOK. The max level of the RES Reduction is 12.

Upgrading RES Reduction Panel:

You can upgrade your RES Reduction Part by clicking on the part you want to upgrade. Each Child Resist - Reduction Essence gives 10 EXP.

RES Reduction Per Level:

  • Level 1 gives 80+ RES Reduction
  • Level 2 gives 110+ RES Reduction
  • Level 3 gives 140+ RES Reduction
  • Level 4 gives 170+ RES Reduction
  • Level 5 gives 200+ RES Reduction
  • Level 6 gives 230+ RES Reduction
  • Level 7 gives 260+ RES Reduction
  • Level 8 gives 290+ RES Reduction
  • Level 9 gives 320+ RES Reduction
  • Level 10 gives 350+ RES Reduction
  • Level 11 gives 380+ RES Reduction
  • Level 12 gives 410+ RES Reduction

Resistance Slots:

Just like RES Reduction, the Resistance works only against Kids. Just like us, Kids have the same Elements, Fire/Water/ Electro/Wind/Dark/Light.  There are a total of 5 Resistance Slots. Each slot is divided into three parts like the RES Reduction Slot.

The best thing about Kids Resistance is that you can choose what element you want to have in each part but every time you switch your element, it consumed 10,000 Gold.

Color Key:

  • Red for Fire
  • Blue for Water
  • Purple for Electro
  • Green for Wind
  • Brown for Dark
  • Yellow/Orange for Light

How do you upgrade a Resistance Part?

Top upgrade your RES Element Part, you need "Child Resistance Essence" which is mainly gained from Kids TOK also. The max level of the Resistance is 12.

Upgrading Resistance Panel:

You can upgrade your Resistance Part by clicking on the part you want to upgrade. Each Resistance Essence gives 10 EXP. You cannot upgrade your RES Level if your War Emblem Level is not high enough. Once your War Emblem is level 5, which is the max level, you can level up your RES up to level 12!

Resistance Per Level:

  • Level gives 30+  RES
  • Level gives 42+ RES 
  • Level gives 52+ RES
  • Level gives 62+ RES 
  • Level gives 72+ RES 
  • Level gives 82+ RES
  • Level gives 92+ RES 
  • Level 8 gives 102+ RES 
  • Level gives 112+ RES 
  • Level 10 gives 122+ RES 
  • Level 11 gives 132+ RES 
  • Level 12 gives 142+ RES 


As soon as War Emblem arrives for Kids (doubt they will add War Emblem right away), they will put the items I shared above in Big Spender and Casher Events so I recommend not to be fooled by it unless you are in a hurry. Drop down your comments/questions/opinions below.

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