Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lvl 11 Gem Transposer Pack Gem Event

Hey guys, in case you didn't notice the Gem event came with a little surprise of having the level 11 Gem Transposer Pack as part of the reward for synthesizing level 11 gems (1 per day for reward).

This gives an opportunity for those who can get it to open up multiple level 11 gem synthesis options which can potentially save hundreds of millions of gold. According to the Transposer Formulas I could find during my play in Necropolis, I currently have to synthesize HP gems up to level 8 then pay a lot of gold to convert them to Crit for level 9 and level 10 and then pay another huge amount of gold to convert them to PATK for level 11 (and then pay for conversions to all gem types for me to use). Literally millions of gold are completely wasted in all those conversions.

And this even gives this level 11 Transposer Pack, so everyone who can should get it (1 per day). However, there is another trick or catch - it does not give a gem as a reward as all other levels do, so in effect you are losing a level 11 gem and getting this Transposer pack, but for 1-2 events it is definitely worth it and then we should carefully watch to see what they are going to place for level 11 in future events.

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