Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hades & Apollo becoming more accessible

Hey guys, way back when Hades and Apollo were added into the game their price was I believe well above 20,000 balens. Over many months, as with all things, the price keeps dropping and becoming accessible to free players.

In recent months a number of free players were lucky to get these sylphs via event boxes or sylph atoll boss drops.

Back in April 2014 the white common grade Hades Seal was sold for 4,999 balens sprinkled with a touch of mahra and sepulcrum:

And after the midnight reset today players can now get these sylphs simply by paying 100 mahra for Apollo or 100 Sepulcrum for Hades!

So if these sylphs were your dream go ahead and get em, otherwise, if you are a super patient person like me just wait more - at some point it will be free or near free ^^

P.S. For Apollo nobody should be in a major rush, but I can imagine some mages might desperately need Hades. Archers and Knights however are perfectly fine waiting longer while using Hercules.

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