Monday, November 3, 2014

Fashion Cores vs. Vulcan's Hammers

Hey guys, since the Cross Server Guild Battle is now over and everyone has gotten their King's Seals, you might be confronted with the choice between Fashion Cores and Vulcan's Hammers as shown on the picture below.

Using my Knight as an example, he has 7525 King's Seals and can exchange them either for 37 Fashion Cores or 75 Vulcan's Hammers.

Now for those people who already have nice clothing and clothing refinements done to 4-5 stars this is a very easy choice - Hammers all the way. But for others who are still working on their clothing or are still a good distance until they reach level 80 then Fashion Cores become more attractive.

So as a recommendation, go for the Hammers if you are close to or are level 80. Consider Fashion Cores if you are very far away from level 80 or if your clothing is a mess (low level & unrefined).

Note: The 1st 5000 King's Seals should always go for the mount if you don't have Cloudcaller; this is only about the King's Seals above 5000.

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