Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hall of Fame aka Hall of Lame 2014 Review

Hey guys, so Hall of Fame 2014 is here, or as players call it "Hall of Lame". So let's wait a minute before players' insults and look at what it is:

[Hall of Lame] Conditions

Players with 450,000+ Battle Rating will receive a special title: God of Balenor

Players with 400,000+ Battle Rating will receive a special mount: Inferno Dragon: All Stats +100

The #1 player on each server with the highest Battle Rating Ranking will receive Sengolar Weapon, Armor, Headdress, Wings.

Players with 350,000+ Battle Rating will receive: King of Balenor, 15,000,000 Gold, Mount Hoof x300, Vulcan Pack x100 and Soul Seal x200.

Players with 300,000+ Battle Rating will receive: Noble of Balenor, 12,000,000 Gold, Mount Hoof x100, Vulcan Pack x80 and Soul Seal x150.

Players with 250,000+ Battle Rating will receive: Knight of Balenor, 8,000,000 Gold, Mount Hoof x100, Vulcan Pack x50 and Soul Seal x100.

Vulcan Pack contains: Vulcan's Hammer x1 + Vulcan's Stove x3.
Potion/scroll do not count towards the BR calculation.

Reactions from Players

I went through 10+ pages of forum feedback and took samples of player's opinions. Not one positive comment was made, all was negative.
  • "What a horrible let down"
  • "This is ridiculous! "
  • "R2 aiming to further alienate the player base"
  • "This is total ** event "
  • "This kinda BR range is totally insane"
  • "What a bunch of garbage! "
  • "You've changed Hall of Fame into the Hall of Cashers"
  • "One thing you R2 guys are really good in: pis.sing off loyal player - great job, indeed"
  • "Thx R2 this made my decision to quit more easy"
  • "I'm quitting I was waiting for Apollo wings since I didn't meet 62k BR last year now I don't even reach 250k BR"
  • "This is just disappointing! "
  • "This is by far the biggest insult to Wartune players"
  • "This is how you make people change games ... I feel like quitting now "
  • "Congrats to you R2, you are making more and more players quit this game; you did a great job"

So what's the deal:

There are several lessons here:
  1. If you want to learn how to upset all your players / customers do exactly what R2 does.
  2. What I think happened is that someone of rank at R2, probably relatively newly assigned to Wartune, decided that this event should be for the very top people only, which is fine if it was isolated, but it is not an isolated / new event. Players' expectations were already set by Hall of Fame #1 and #2 last year. In the last one, roughly speaking, Top 100 people could get the Apollo Wings and/or Warlord's Medallion, whereas now, you don't even quality for some gold. And a lot of people were building their BR for a whole year and waiting for Hall of Fame 2014 to get their chance, same as the other people who got theirs, which is now completely crushed by R2.
  3. Instead of working together with Wartune players and/or top Wartune bloggers like me, R2 has built a reputation that they don't care due to constantly not listening to players and, as you know, they even banned accounts of their top bloggers (myself included) and censored the names in the forums instead of talking and working together for mutual success.
Basically it's a dictatorship. 
98% of all players of all servers will not be able to participate in this event.

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