Friday, November 7, 2014

Half a Million Soul Crystals and Max Stables

Hey guys, flooded by whips and Soul Crystals and training 61k times my mount in this event, I've now managed to do something which seemed impossible 1-2 years ago, that is to max out my stables 100% for free. I even maxed out Intellect which gave me in total 1905 MDEF and a whole bunch of MATK, which looks useless on the surface but does add up BR which might come useful for events like Hall of Fame or anywhere where BR decides the victory. Following this my BR went to 218k.

Other results include half a million of Soul Crystals in my bag (thank God for the 9999 slots, but i guess we need 99,999 now) and a leftover of ~45k whips - all 100% for free, which makes me feel a little bit sad for all those people who actually paid for these things, but I understand that they got all these benefits much faster than the free players. Still, this confirms that if you do not have a huge ago and can wait all good things will also come to free players sooner or later.

Lastly, it was an absolute torture clicking tons of times training stables and then 12,000+ times collecting rewards and then freezing the computer opening thousands of gem packs, managing bag space, quitting guild to save items, etc. Yet again, already years, the game owners show they don't care. If you want to automate to make your life much easier - read here.

That said, people were happy that at least they removed the level 3 gem spam from the world chat. This took them only ~1 year to do...

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