Sunday, November 30, 2014

Astral Strategies and my First Level 10 Orange Astral in Wartune

Hey guys, I finally achieved my first level 10 Orange astral in Wartune after 2 years of playing :) as 99.9% non-casher (which is why it took so long) + a knight (archer would get it faster).

This madness, requiring over 900,000 astral experience points, costs, roughly counting 450 million gold, but as long as you keep at it adding a little bit every day it adds up finally.

Also to Share Astral Strategies / Tips

Although I'm sure you are happy for me and wish me well :) I am not posting just about my achievement but also want to give some tips / strategy related to it.

This astral which I maxed out (there is no red version for % astrals) is the Determination astral bringing it to a 50% boost in critical damage and this is also what I suggest you to do first before any other astral (assuming that you are "crit build"), because this will directly increase your World Boss income (and, of course, make you perform better in other events / dungeons).

The effect is a lot bigger than increasing crit astral (especially for WB crit is maxed at a lower level, so you can't increase income with that) or attack astral, which does increase your income but not by as much as an additional 5% like Determination.

Never Upgrade to Level 10 These:

On the other side there are astrals which you should be using but should never upgrade to level 10. These are astrals like Regeneration and Deflection. Not only a level 10 is almost meaningless, but you probably don't even want to go higher than level 7 or 8 at most.

This is because the effect of healing or damage of 50,000 is limited to that amount, which, especially for players above 200,000 battle rating is very easy to reach even with the most basic attacks at level 7 (70% of damage). Actually as people are getting stronger and stronger than you will need lower and lower level of these astrals to get the full effect.

Astral Slot Upgrade Tips

When upgrading your astral slots there are 2 things I want to share which are super useful if you don't know them.

1) The upgrade is applied to the specific astral slot and not the astral itself. This means you can move astrals around without a problem and choose which one to apply the upgrade to.

2) Some astrals benefit from this hugely while others' benefit is negligible. For example 1 astral slot upgrade level is already a good improvement for something like Illusion astral, but will only give a few extra, almost meaningless, points to a crit astral. So make sure you put astrals like Illusion, Goddess and Determination on your highest astral slots. Definitely do not waste an upgrade slot on something like Regeneration / Deflection because 70% of damage or 73% of damage is basically the same thing.

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