Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cosmos’s Fireball Shooter v1

Hey guys, I created my first “Wartune-feeling-like” game – Cosmos’s Fireball Shooter v1 which you can play totally for free on my main site. So click below to go play the game or read below how you can influence the game itself!

You can influence how the game changes!

I am releasing Version 1 and I am planning to improve it over time. You are welcome to email me suggestions on how to improve the game (priority goes to my Patron supporters for making changes!)
So what can we change in the Cosmos’s Fireball Shooter? Well, lots! Here is the list and as I learn more and get smarter we can create cooler things.
  • All audio sounds can be changed (background, fireballs, explosions).
  • Models (the mage, the enemy, cubes).
  • Size of things such as size of cubes or models or fireballs.
  • Backgrounds (the green, the wartune models, etc)
  • Lights: if you pay attention you will see there are nice light effects, all these can be adapted in angles or color or intensity.
  • And lots more, especially if some of you can help with coding (javascript or C#) or simply if you can donate money to be able to purchase cool models and other more premium content for the game.

The Game Logo v1

A game needs a logo right?
Here is the 1st version of the logo I made for the game, I hope to improve this also. Perhaps there is a Photoshop guru out there who can send me a cool version.

Give a LIKE

Give us a like and comment on our Facebook page: fb.dolygames.com

I haven’t learned yet how to make high scores, so if you wanna share yours I think for now the best is to post your screenshot on our Facebook page. If someone knows how to make this better let me know, otherwise sooner or later i will learn how to implement high score tables in games.

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