Friday, November 7, 2014

Wishing Wall Heaven Horns Drop Rates

Hey guys, after a very long time of collecting the data I am happy to share with you the drop rates of the Wishing Wall / Heaven Horns. This is the 1st version of the report, but it has a very good, 3060 heaven horns, sample size, so I will only make an update release if someone sends me a lot of data.

Wishing Wall Expectations

My expectations when still collecting the data were to see items like will crystal shards as top. I didn't and still don't value the star sand so much, so I didn't expect to have that as a rare item. And items like 3x sepulcrum and 3x mahra I was expecting as the common drops.

Results of the Data from the Heaven Horns

Now that we have the exact data we have some surprises versus the expectation. Let's start from the beginning:

So Sepulcrum and Mahra were indeed the most frequent drops with rates of 26.0% and 23.9%. Together that makes up ~50%, which means that exactly half the time that you open a Heaven Horn you will receive one of these items.

Next up we have the 4x Star Sand and the 2x Celestial Stone with ~13% rates, so roughly speaking 1 in 10. I am always unhappy getting these because the stones are rubbish for me and the sand is just too little to be of any interest.

And here comes the interesting part: the Star Tear Shard and the Will Crystal Shard are NOT the most rare items as expected. Actually the 4x Star Tear Shards seem to have a 12.4% drop rate, a lot higher than I originally though (i thought they would be similar to will crystal shards), while the Will Crystal Shards have a drop rate of 5%, so 1 in 20.

Star Sands x10 and x20 are the most rare drops with 4.5% and 1.4% chance of getting them. Perhaps the x20 I am not so surprised about but the x10 being more rare than the purple items was indeed a surprise.

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