Monday, December 9, 2013

12,000 Soul Crystals 10 million Gold 1 Apollo or 560 Mahras

Hey guys, so I got a wonderful sylph achievement here which I am sharing with you both for fun and knowledge. Some of you know I have been hoarding a lot of items for a long time and some of these are soul crystals of which I had gathered up ~12,000 and I kept on waiting and waiting until we got again an unlimited soul engraving event, which we just did! There we had a choice to buy a blue apollo sylph for 480 uplifting souls or 35 mahras for 30 souls, which means 560 mahras for the same price as the apollo.

Now I put up the question also on the forums where the poll results were 44.44% voting for 3 star blue iris; 33.33% voting for 1 star blue apollo and 22.22% voting to keep the soul crystals for future events. In total 18 people voted which is not huge but still is good. And there was also a good discussion for 2 pages about it which was directed at future upcoming light and dark sylphs. Still coming up with a consensus that Iris is really good for knights.

Also in my guild we had a good discussion and actually it was a very difficult choice to make, to take a 1 star blue apollo sylph or a 3 star blue iris (for me, a knight). There was no clear conclusion about it, everyone had good points.

Below you will find my video about the whole thing, so check it out, but otherwise I am also putting below the video pictures and info.

And in case you don't know here is the info on upgrading sylphs:
  • You need 10 Points to upgrade a Common Sylph to 2 Stars, 20 to 3 stars, 30 to 4 stars, 40 to 5 stars and 50 to upgrade Rarity.
  • You need 100 Points to upgrade a Uncommon Sylph to 2 stars, 200 to 3 stars, 300 to 4 stars, 400 to 5 stars and 500 to upgrade Rarity.
  • You need 1000 Points to upgrade a Rare Sylph to 2 stars, 2000 to 3 stars, 3000 to 4 stars, 4000 to 5 stars and 5000 to upgrade Rarity.
  • You need 15000 Points to upgrade an Epic Sylph to 2 stars, 20000 to 3 stars, 25000 to 4 stars, 30000 to 5 stars and 35000 to upgrade Rarity.
Cheers to Erick_Ribeiro for his forum post when the 2.1 Part 2 came out (and Wartune Wiki).

Sylph Resistances versus various damage types:

Thanks to Wartune Wiki for this data.

Transformation of my Iris:

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