Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Guardians Delphic Overkill Strategy

Hey guys, there is a cool rotation or sequence you can do in Wartune which will increase your damage or efficiency either when you solo or when you do stuff in a party like spire. It works best for long duration fights, so for soloing examples can be catacombs, necropolis or whatever boss fight.

First off, thanks to the kabam s6 guardians guild's member Herculies for pushing me to post about this and so the name of this tactic or strategy is Guardians Delphic Overkill sequence.

I have also made a video about it so if you don't feel like reading you can watch it just below here, otherwise what you basically do is you fight as usual until you have approximately full rage and awakening which is like your starting point for this strategy.

No matter what class you are, you initiate your strongest attack which drains your rage. The moment your avatar moves to make the attack you can already initiate the sylph awakening so that it starts straight away.

You are now sylph, you hit a regular attack first and after that you hit your sylphs strongest attack, so delphic acheron wave for Iris for example. Like 2-3 seconds after you press that you can already click to cancel your sylph mode and what should happen is that you should do the attack and almost immediately transform back into regular form.

You then gather rage and restart the whole sequence. For knights this works best if you have both delphics equipped so that you don't have to wait for the delphic CD.

So there you go, a cool attack sequence to maximize your damage - the Wartune Guardians Delphic Overkill sequence.

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