Sunday, December 8, 2013

Madness 325k BR Wartune Player

Hey guys, some mad Wartune info below on a crazy high BR of 324,737 player with all sorts of statistics maxed out or near maxed out. This is really nutz and you can imagine only the sorts of money that has gone into this player. Certainly it is well above 100,000 USD. People who spent that sort of money are called "Whales" by the industry and they are absolutely precious to the game companies as they make huge profits from such players.

Also all regular players should, in a way, be thankful to such players because we all can enjoy games like Wartune because of the profits these guys generate to the companies.

But check out the stats below:
  • 325k BR
  • Maxed or near maxed statistics
  • Level 9 and level 10 Astrals
  • +220% bonus to the gems through soul engraving
  • Mount stats all 4,000
  • Full level 80 legend set
  • and much more

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