Friday, December 20, 2013

121 Guild Tree Energize

Hey guys, as you know, usually everyone has 20, 30, 40 or 50 guild tree energizes during the 15 minutes of "community experience gain" :P but I was pretty surprised to find out today that over in Russia on their Wartune servers people are such hard core gamers that they have energize counts well above us in Europe.

Below you will see a screenshot of 121 Guild Tree Energizes! Which means 121 accounts online and energizing the guild tree in their Wartune! And they told me that they will try to break their record and pass 130 or 140 guild tree energizes and send me an updated screenshot! * Wow! *

With 5 x exp buff during the event they are cranking out 169k experience per tick, which is phenomenal! The ticks come every 15 seconds in case you didn't know, so you get 4 ticks per minute for 15 minutes. That's 60 ticks per day per event which makes it more than 10 million experience just from the guild tree!!!

See picture below, the text there is Russian, I made the arrow to point to the 121 energizes. Russian Wartune players are mad gamers! :) Thanks to Rampage515 for sharing the info.

EDIT: update: i got a new screenshot - they managed to reach 137! :)

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