Sunday, December 29, 2013

COSMOS Mage Day 11 to Day 14

Hey guys, I am shocked at how strong and fast I am making progress with this mage. For example I came up to catacombs level 90 with just ~22k BR and a green Pan with lowbie Templars. My guildmates were shocked and so was I - how important it is to make a perfect character finely tuned.

In the Battle Ground today I earned ~600 honor while still wearing blue items and not having neither the arena set nor the PVE set and I was killing level 54s while being 50 myself. This was totally unexpected which is why I did not even plan to record it, but I will start recording my BGs to share with you. Of course I also died a lot, but several times I was on a killing spree.

I have now 1 item from the 40 pve set and 79 crystals (1 short) for another one - not a single crystal dropped from all the campaigns :( and i have switched to and started doing GOD MPD gathering items for 50 set now, so I will not go for full 40 set, especially since I saw that I can be successful in the BG with even blue items that I have.

Here below are the screenshots from COSMOS Mage Day 11 to Day 14 from Wartune Kabam Server 4 Europe.

By the way the plan now is to hold level but since I maxed out talents already for level 50 I automatically became level 51 at the end of day 14.

KABAM Day 11 - COSMOS Level 50 - BR 21479

KABAM Day 12 - COSMOS Level 50 - BR 24561

KABAM Day 13 - COSMOS Level 50 - BR 23940

KABAM Day 14 - COSMOS Level 51 - BR 27254

And if you have not seen the balen spending videos here they are Part 1 and Part 2, each with 30,000 balens making a total of 60,000 balens:

2 additional pictures from my Wartune following request from Leo:

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