Friday, December 20, 2013

COSMOS's Illustration of Wartune December 2013 Events

Hey guys, as events are very important in Wartune especially for free players or non-cashers to get special items I have made the below illustration of the Wartune December 2013 events and the rewards that you can get in it, i.e. the special items: Santa's Caps, so check it out below and make good planning so that you benefit the most.

And if you see any mistakes just let me know and I will correct, but hopefully there are no mistakes :)

THIS IS A LARGE HIGH QUALITY PICTURE! - click on the December 2013 Wartune Event picture to enlarge or right click on it - download and see the full size)

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Santa's Cap Exchange

Duration: 12/19 00:00 - 1/2 23:59

• Santa's Cap x1 for 30,000 Daru
• Santa's Cap x10 for Soul Crystal x80
• Santa's Cap x30 for Sepulcrum x35
• Santa's Cap x30 for Mahra x35
• Santa's Cap x60 for Royal Style (Cap) x1
• Santa's Cap x90 for Royal Garments (Clothing) x1
• Santa's Cap x120 for Royal Touch (Weapon) x1
• Santa's Cap x160 for Frost Lion Card x1

The socks fall in catacombs, solo campaign blitz, dungeons, etc, for these I could not make a table, but just for reference the exchanges are below:

Colorful Sock Exchange

Duration: 12/19 00:00 - 1/1 23:59

• Colorful Socks x1 for 10,000 Gold
• Colorful Socks x1 for 10,000 Daru
• Colorful Socks x1 for 2,500 Kyanite
• Colorful Socks x20 for Sepulcrum x5
• Colorful Socks x20 for Mahra x5
• Colorful Socks x60 for Reindeer Card x1

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