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Sylph's Future Updates and Strategies

Hey guys, thanks to Michael L. for pointing me to this information, here I share with you a very detailed post by GenevaYuki from the Undead Rose forum news on the future updates, skills / spells, transformations of sylphs with full detail which we did not have before! So thanks again Michael and GenevaYuki and let's jump right into that juicy bit of info:

Please note G.Y. has done her best and there could be some mistakes in translation or whatever, but this is already very good.

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Pan's (Wind) Transformation -> Medusa


  • Breathe Shield: 35% Chance to Reduce Damage by 10%
  • Spirit of the Wind: When you inflict Critical to an Enemy their Block is Reduced by 10%
  • Master of the Wind: When you're hit by a Critical attack you will have 10% more dodge (1 damage).
  • Gust Strike: 136%+180 Physical Damage to a single front row enemy.
  • Breeze Blade: 150%+100 Physical Wind Damage to a Single Back Row Target. This skill has +10% chance to Critical Strike.
  • Airy Guardian: Max HP and current HP is increased by 30% for 3 turns. After it's finished, Max HP returns to it's original value.
  • Wind's Grace: 145%+200 Physical Wind damage to 2~4 enemies. Enemy defenses are reduced by 50 points for 3 rounds.
  • Aquilon's Lament: 210%+270 Physical Wind Damage to an enemy with the lowest health.
  • Delphic: Apocalyptic Hurricane: 314%+350 Physical Wind Damage to all enemies.
  • Aquilon's Blessing: Reduce Damage taken by 40% for three rounds. Cannot be dispelled.


  • Swift of the Wind: Every time you are attacked, your Critical Chance is increased by 5% stacks up to 5 times (25%) and lasts for 2 turns.
  • Blessing of the Wind: Consume 500 Awakening Points, increase all allies damage dealt by 30% for 3 rounds.
  • Wind Wall: All allies in your party gains a Deflection Shield that reflect 20% of the damage dealt, lasts 2 turns.
  • Steal: 280%+180 Physical Wind Damage to all enemies. Steals 500 Awakening Points from the enemy team and restores 500 Awakening Points to your allies.

Iris's (Water) Transformation -> Triton


  • Ocean Mirror: Healing Effects +5%
  • Spirit Well: The target of Warm Spring has damage reduce by 5% for 3 turns
  • Master of Water: Acheron Wave has a chance to bind target for a turn.
  • Deluge Strike: Deal 165%+180 Magical Water Damage to a single target.
  • Ice Armor: Cleanses Debuffed Allies (Purification, Cleanses all Debuffs)
  • Warm Spring: Heals 85%+300 Magic Damage to a team mate with the lowest HP.
  • Rain Dance: Restores 133%+500 HP to all team mates.
  • Tsunami: Deals 145%+156 Magical Water damage to all enemies. Removes debuff from an ally with the lowest HP.
  • Delphic: Acheron Wave: 280%+350 Magical Water damage to all Enemies.
  • Neptune's Blessing: Healing Effects increased by 20% for 3 turns.


  • Wellspring of Waters: Reduce the amount of Awakening Points used when in Sylph Mode allowing you to stay in Sylph Mode longer than usual.
  • Hypothermia: Consumes 500 Awakening Points, gives a team mate with the lowest HP the invulnerability for 2 turns.
  • Icicle Arrows: 300%+180 Magical Water Damage to the enemy with the Lowest HP percentage.
  • Acheron's Shield: Gives all allies in the front row a shield that absorbs 30% of your HP.

Amazon Queen's (Fire) Transformation -> Kerrberus

No info yet

Eve's (Lightning) Transformation -> Hercules


  • Plasma Accumulator: Every time you attack, your damage will be increased by 5%, can stack up to 10 times (50%), lasts 2 turns.
  • Plasma Field: A small chance that your target will not get a "Critical" next turn.
  • Electronic Mine Field: When you take damage there is a 10% chance that your next attack will have 15% more Critical Chance.
  • Thunder Goddess' Blessing: Consume 500 Awakening Points, Increase your Critical Chance and Critical Damage by 10% for 3 turns.
  • Delphic: Thunder Dome: Consume 500 Awakening Points, 470%+515 Magical Lightning Damage to 1~2 enemies.
  • Electric Shock: 185%+200 Magical Lightning Damage to a random enemy, the row of the selected enemy will receive 50% of that damage.
  • Thunder God's Punishment: 225%+250 Magical Lightning to the enemy back row, has an 80% chance to cause a random target inability to use Skills (Effects Bosses but Doesn't Effect Sylph Skills), lasts 2 turns.
  • Lightning Blast: 150%+100 Magical Lightning Damage to a random target, increase self's Floating Damage by 20%, lasts 2 rounds.
  • Lightning Strike: 165%+120 Magical Lightning damage to front row enemies.


No info yet.

Apollo's (Light) Transformation -> Athena



  • Illumination: Healing Spells are 5% more effective on yourself.
  • Master of Light: Deals 5% more damage.
  • Radiant Soul: 10% chance of manifesting a shield which absorbs 3% Max HP worth of damage for one turn.


  • Shining Strike: 148%+180 Magical Light Damage to a Single Front Row target.
  • Beam Sword: 130%+200 Magical Light Damage to 1-2 enemies. Targets with Higher HP takes higher damage.
  • Light Arrows: 135%+257 Magical Light Damage to 2-4 enemies. Targets with Higher HP takes higher damage.
  • Heavenly Body: Increase your MDEF/PDEF by 10% for 3 turns.
  • Ray: 160%+256 Magical Light Damage to all Enemies, restores 2% of your MAX HP.
  • Delphic: Sword of Judgement: 340%+300 Magical Light Damage to all enemies.
  • Helio's Blessing: Heals yourself for 20% of your MAX HP.



  • Guardian of Light: When you are attacked, reduce the damage taken by 5% for 2 turns, maximum of 5 stacks.


  • Shield of the Goddess: Reduce 500 Awakening Points, All Allies gain a Shield that Absorbs 30% of your MAX HP and reduce damage by 5% for 3 turns.
  • Blinding Light: One Random Target, deals 360%+300 Magical Light Damage.
  • Radiant Reflection: Deals 290%+350 Magical Light Damage to all enemies. Reflect 40% of the damage dealt to you up to 40,000 damage for the next 2 turns.

Hades' (Dark) Transformation -> Aegis



  • Frenzy: Every 10% of your Max HP is missing, you will deal 3% more damage to the enemy.
  • Curse of Darkness: Every turn there is 10% chance to inflict "Chaos" to one of you enemy, causing them to attack their allies.
  • Shield of Dark Light: Reduce Critical Damage taken by 5%.


  • Shadow Strike: 170%+125 Physical Damage to one random enemy in the front row.
  • Delphic: Endless Devouring Consumes 500 Awakening Points, 310%+295 Physical Dark Damage to all Enemies, has a 50% chance to cause 2~4 enemies to lose 2% of their Max HP for 5 turns. (Cannot be purged)
  • Wicked Corrosion: Reduces HP by 76% of Physical Damage for 3 turns.
  • Dispel: Dispels 2 Positive Buffs for all enemies.
  • Soul Drain: 215%+180 Physical Dark Damage to one enemy in the front row. Heal yourself for 60% of the damage dealt to the enemy.
  • Cryptic Gaze: 230%+200 Physical Dark Damage to one random enemy. Causes the enemy player to reduce their Healing Abilities by 50%, lasts 3 turns.
  • Devil's Blessing: Consumes 500 Awakening Points, increase damage dealt to enemies by 30%, for 3 turns. However for 3 turns you take 10% more damage from enemies.



  • Spell Absorption: Every turn when you attack an enemy, you steal 40 of their Awakening Points and increase your Awakening Point by 40.


  • Enhanced Curse: 160%+110 Physical Dark Damage to all enemies. All enemies attack is reduced by 30% for 3 turns.
  • Plague Spreading Sword: 250%+300 Physical Dark damage to a Random Target. There's a 50% chance to reduce the enemy's HP by 30% for 3 rounds. (DOES NOT WORK ON BOSSES)
  • Trial of Darkness: Consumes 500 Awakening Points, Heal yourself for 15% of your Max HP, reduce enemies Casting Speed by 50% for 3 turns.

Condition for Transformation:

Level 70 Sylph

Purple or Orange Grade

You need to collect Constitutional items like "Sand of the Stars", "Tears of the Stars" and "Flaming/Ice/Wind/Earth/Light/Dark Stars" from a New Sylph MP Dungeon called the Road to the Sky.

You can fight them 10 times a day with your Sylph 1 v 1 they will get Experience and these certain items for them to upgrade when they're Level 70.

After you evolve them you can pay Balens to keep all the Skills you've learned (because they are upgraded and attributes may be different when they transform) and Speculums you've put into the Sylph. If you do not pay Balens only 20% of the Speculums will transfer towards your new Evolved Sylph and selected Skills will be transferred over.

Also during this update you can pay Balens to replace skills you selectively and currently possess (unlike right now it removes one randomly of your choice).

So that's it boys and girls, a great guide prepared by GenevaYuki and like I said it might not be 100% complete or perfect but nevertheless it is very good and for everyone out there in the Wartune world should be quite interesting to read and perhaps even prepare for the future (for example perhaps we should keep all our sepulcrums instead of using them so to avoid the balen payment during transformation - just a thought).

So put down in the comments what you think and if you think this is a good development for Wartune or not. I think its fun :)

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