Wednesday, December 25, 2013

COSMOS made level 50 in 10 days

Hey guys, some of you might know that i started a 2nd account, a male mage, on Kabam. I have been keeping a picture diary of my progress on that character and I am happy and amazed to be able to tell you that I am now level 50 in 10 days! I could rush higher further, but I just wanted to get the sylph at level 50 and now i will slow down significantly in order to get honor and the Lord Divine title.

And here below are the pictures of every day from Day 1 to Day 10.
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KABAM Day 1 - COSMOS Level 29

 KABAM Day 2 - COSMOS Level 35

KABAM Day 3 - COSMOS Level 38

KABAM Day 4 - COSMOS Level 41

KABAM Day 5 - COSMOS Level 44

KABAM Day 6 - COSMOS Level 46

KABAM Day 7 - COSMOS Level 47

KABAM Day 8 - COSMOS Level 48

KABAM Day 9 - COSMOS Level 49

KABAM Day 10 - COSMOS Level 50

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