Sunday, April 21, 2013

ASTRO or ASTRALS Drop Rates v2

Hey guys, following the publishing of the 2nd Version of Battle Ground Chest drop rates I have also finished preparing the 2nd Version of the ASTRALS drop rates which I am publishing below. I think the report looks really good and finally gives a good picture of the percentages for astrals in Wartune, so people don't have to fight anymore how good or bad it is or maybe they still will :)

Anyways this is Version 2, I want to have much more data still, probably at least 10,000 astrals data!! :) so please support by posting below in the comments or on the forum thread "ASTRALS + BG-Chest DROP RATES Collection & Results".

So here is the report ASTRO or ASTRALS Drop Rates v2:

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