Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to Earn Daru in Wartune

Hey guys, here we are going to be looking at a bunch of ways to earn Daru in Wartune, which is of course used in upgrading troops - a very important resource.

1. WB

The biggest Daru income comes from the World Boss event because there you get both gold and daru income in relation to the damage dealt, so top players literally make millions each WB fight.

2. MPD and SPD

A lot of daru from 5,000 to 50,000 and more is found in multi player or solo dungeons when opening up tombs and various such places. Of course some luck is needed so you don't find monsters, but basically if you do this regularly you get a lot of extra daru.

3. Solo Arena

Here no matter if you win or lose you will receive rewards and daru is one of them. At the moment I am level 63 and I can get up to 30,000 daru per fight in the Solo Arena! so make sure that you do all your 20 fights and if you lack time just take off all your equipment and go with nothing to die fast.

4. Farming Daru

This i feel is a very little amount of daru compared to the above methods but everything adds up. So if you really want to push daru start planting daru seeds.

5. Map Clearing

Big amounts of all kinds of stuff can be gotten from clearing maps, so have a look if you are near this and collect - it is usually a lot of daru, as well as gold and other items.


If you are bored or lazy or done everything else you can run around the WILDS and kill monsters which drop daru. You can easily make 30,000 in a short time at around level 60ish.

7a. Troop DIE

When your troops die you actually get daru. You might have noticed that after battles like taking over a gold mind you get daru income. This is because your troops died so the more you fight the more daru you actually earn. But this means you will have to recruit more with gold.

7b. is 7a but for cashers

This means that you can actually use gold to buy troops and just dismiss them and get daru. If i remember correctly you get 1 daru for every 2 gold, so if you are filthy rich perhaps this is your way, but for most people this is not recommended. Also your cash is better spent on World Boss events where you will earn more daru.

7c. and moreover for cashers

also you can just buy Daru directly with cash, but again, the cash will earn you a lot more daru if you spend on the WB event.

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