Thursday, April 4, 2013

Guild Battle + Spire + Catacombs Level 100 videos + Where am I?

Hey guys! Here we have a nice post with the latest Wartune gameplay videos of a very nice Guild Battle, the new dungeon SPIRE and also I finally beat the level 100 Catacombs boss!!!

And followed right after these is the next episode of "Where am I in Wartune?" - can you guess it? :) If yes, put your answer in the comments! :)

So first up the 4 Apr 1hr-EPIC Guild Battle Sanctum vs. FairyTail (2 Parts)

Then next is the 2 SPIRE gameplay videos:

Then next up we got me killing the Catacombs level 100 boss - at last! *victory dance*

And last but not the least we got our Wartune puzzle #6 - can you guess where this is?

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