Monday, April 29, 2013

COSMOS becomes level 66

Hey guys so I became level 66 and i got 1 more skill point although i don't really need anything more because i have all the skills i need, but still i maxed out the intercept ability so if i feel like i can use it in PVP Cross Server Arena for example.

Otherwise also is nice to upgrade my buildings to get more money from Town Hall and Gold Refinery and of course to upgrade skills in the Academy but since I am a free player i am waiting 34 hours cooldown now to upgrade the Academy :)

So what i am focused on now is saving up 50 million gold!!! to get the Hurricane Steed or Horse from the guild shop and I have managed to save up 20 million up to now so still some ways to go. This will increase my stats further and make me stronger.

In parallel I am also collecting catacombs crypt shop tokens so I can upgrade my rings and jewely from very old level 40/50 to level 60, but possibly level 70 if in part 3 of the patch 1.5 they might be introduced (small chance).

Oh and by the way the cloths i got from events, so the dress + fashion core i got from the April Egg event and now the glasses + surfboard i got from the ancient spirits seeds event after collecting 1600 of those spirits.

Ok, check out my stats, skills, astrals and inventory below! :)

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