Friday, April 19, 2013

Q&A: Rune for Removing All Debuffs

Hi guys I got a good question on YouTube from orhankaya06 and I wanted to put here both the question and my answer for everyone's benefit:


Hi cosmos, i want to ask u a question. i saw u using a rune for removing all debuffs . Which rune was that?nice vid btw


I wish there was such a rune :) I use mostly 3:

  • 1 - healing
  • 2 - brutality for increased damage when multi hit attack like knight delphics
  • 3 - guardian shield to defend against multi hit boss or pvp attacks

What you might have seen is that when I do get a bad spell on me and it lasts for 3 turns like in catacombs level 100 boss then I do a double attack with slasher (2 turns) and use a rune (quick 1 turn) and so the spell wears off very quickly like that.

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