Thursday, April 18, 2013

ASTRALS Drop Rates v1

Hey guys here I have made the analysis on astrals or astro in Wartune to see what kind of drop rates or chances we have in getting the different types of astrals. The sample size looks good at 560 data, but definitely can get higher with your support. So if you want to help gather data please post here in the comments or in the forum thread called "ASTRALS + BG-Chest DROP RATES Collection & Results".

So ok here below you see my 1st version of the Astrals Drop Rate report:

You see I already added the red astral but we do not have yet information about it, it is expected to arrive early May. I also added a bunch of other info just to help more. You see that indeed half is grey or misfortune and then the rest is mostly green with some blue. Few purple and no orange or yellow astrals in this run of 560.

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