Monday, April 8, 2013

COSMOS becomes Level 62 + Gets New Clothing from Egg Event

Hey guys! So flying forward with the efforts of the weekend I am now level 62! :)
The dream level is of course 64 when I will have the level 2 maxed out Enhanced Delphic Destroyer so I can't wait for that, but every level it is getting slower and slower as more and more experience is required to level up!

Anyways, here below I have gathered up some of my level 62 screenshots, so here they go:

First off my level up screenshot! I leveled up during our Guild Tree event! :)

Then next I got the skills screenie where I put +1 skill point on intercept in expectation of getting on level 64 the UDD!! :)

And last, but not the least, my stats and also I got the new clothing from the egg event (65 egg + 20 egg upgrade) so now i start battles with an additional +7 rage which is actually a very big deal cause I can cast Whirlwind right after slasher!

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