Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Level 65 Here I am! :)

Hey guys, so COSMOS becomes now level 65 and although nothing great happens I do feel that it is some kind of a turning point and here is why:

  • The original idea was to stay at 64 after I maxed Enhanced Delphic Destroyer and level up my holy seal and then I was thinking "WHY?" because in any case, as a free player, I can not compete (PVP) vs. the cash killers and so what's the point of trying to level up holy seal. So instead I decided to level up myself and go for that level 70 one additional astral as well as:
  • Getting up to higher level it means as well that I can get stronger to do the higher dungeons like moon / temple the NIGHTMARE MODE! :) which means I can start slowly working on gathering the legendary stones for the level 60 jewelry and then rings.
  • Also I figured the higher the level the more experience I gain for example from guild tree events.
So it really feels like a little bit of a liberation as I guess internally I hated the idea to stay at the same level for a month or whatever just to level up holy seal. 

The way is up! :)

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