Monday, April 15, 2013

Level 64 + new PATK + new Darknite Horse!

Hey guys i finally made it to the much expected level 64 where I am finally able to max out my Enhanced Delphic Destroyer. Sure, I could have used ~1000 vouchers and reset my skills, but that would be just a waste of vouchers so 64 was my number :)

Here below you have all the breakdown of my stats and skills and astrals where I got a new orange PATK - finally! after months of playing!

And also exactly at the same time I have managed to collect 6,000 crypt tokens so I also got my new Darknite steed! By the way the video of that is also up on youtube and i put it below as well:

Here is my level 64 pic:

Here are my equipment and stats:

Here the astrals:

Here my skills:

And here my new Darknite horse or steed:

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