Friday, April 12, 2013

COSMOS becomes level 63 and gets 40,000+ BR

Hey guys, level 63 is here for COSMOS! which is both good news and bad news. Starting first from the bad, it's not so great because nothing actually happens at level 63, nothing new is unlocked or gotten, so it is a transition level. The good news is the next level will be my much awaited level 64 at which i will get level 2 Enhanced Delphic Destroyer which will get me more attack for bosses and events.

The good thing that I did on this level is i spent extra time on equipment refinement and also all the investment went instead of guild skills all into astrals so i got a lot stronger with BR passing just over 40,000!

And lastly this helped me kill the catacombs level 100 boss without scrolls finally and here below is my last video i think still with 2 scrolls:

And getting stronger also let me join a stronger party for the spire and reach level 8!


  1. try to spend more into your astrals, and get all yellow lvl4

  2. thanks, good advice, i am working on this right now although not having so much luck on getting the PATK and Block and Will Destroyer yellow :(